Shared Leadership

I’ve written a couple of guests post that went up this week that I thought I’d share with you. Both are written on the topic of shared leadership but come at the topic from different angles.

I figured all of you would enjoy reading some of those posts and joining in the conversation that is going on already with those posts.

  • The first post is part of LeadershipWeek on Ben Davis’ blog. You can read it by going here. Ben has a cool series going on with a lot of different people writing on the topic of leadership in the church. I was really honored to be a part of that.
  • The second post is for a print and online magazine based out of Salem, Oregon named ReThink Monthly Magazine. You can read that post here. Make sure to check out the other great articles they have online as well. Rethink has a great thing going and they haven’t even been around that long.

I’m going to close the comments on this post to encourage you to comment over on these posts. If you have any questions for me about the posts just use the contact page (up and to the right, on the main tab bar) to send me an email.