The Best Way to Read Blogs

I currently read 90 blogs.

I read about 40 blogs of friends and family and then 50 other blogs of people I enjoy reading and learning from.

I know…you are thinking I’m crazy to be reading all of those blogs.

The honest truth is that it isn’t that hard.

I use Google Reader and it takes care of most of the work for me.

If you read this blog and aren’t using a feed reader (Google Reader is a feed reader) then you really should be. In fact, if you read blogs at all and you aren’t using Google Reader you are spending a lot more time than you could be if you used it.

Watch this video on how to best use Google Reader and then be kind and subscribe to this blog on it. If you would rather read posts over email, you can get my posts over email by going here.

(If you can’t see the video go here)

I want to thank each and every one of you who comes by the site. To those of you who already are subscribed to this blog, thank you very much. I’m grateful for your willingness to read all of my posts and engage in the comments as well.