Fortuitous Bouncing

Rose and I are about to head home from a short trip to the northern Oregon coast. We were there for about a day and a half. The weather was awful but it was a lot of fun to watch the storms roll in and out with a great view for it. We aren’t able to get out of town by ourselves too often (only a few times since we got married) so this was a real treat.

I went on a run on the beach Friday morning (I love running on the beach but it sure is hard to figure out how far you’ve gone) and I found THIS on my run. Don’t ask me how I picked it out from all the other shells on the beach. I got lucky.


  1. Rick Warren asked his church to help cover a close to $1 million budget shortfall. The church responded with well over $2 million. Wow.
  2. Another great rapture theory (sarcasm alert)….
  3. This reflected my thoughts from the past few weeks quite well.
  4. Emotions online.
  5. Bob Hyatt shared 5 things he loved about the “emerging church.”


Have a great weekend.