Fortuitous Bouncing

This Sunday is the 2nd biggest Vikings game in my lifetime. The biggest was the choke job against the Falcons back in the late 90s in the NFC Championship game. Just like last week, pretty much every expect is predicting the other team to win. I still think the Vikings are the best team in the league when they play their game. I expect a Super Bowl visit from my Vikes!

What a crazy weather week on the west coast. While it was mostly tranquil and even sunny on Thursday, California, Arizona, and Nevada got pounded. Usually it doesn’t work that way. A nice change of pace I say. My sisters were actually jealous of Portland weather compared to what they were getting in L.A. and San Diego.

Blogs (all blog posts this week)

  1. A young professional baseball player has retired to go to a Catholic seminary.
  2. A great post from Rhett Smith on marriage and the importance of giving your spouse the freedom of individuality.
  3. The best blog post I’ve read on the reality show The Bachelor.
  4. My friend Aaron Ivey has been trying for over 2 years to adopt Amos from Haiti (here is the song he wrote about the process of adoption). And believe it or not, today he will be picking Amos up in Orlando to bring him home (picture of them flying home to Austin). Very happy for you Aaron.
  5. Even Brett Favre is singing about his pants on the ground.
  6. The best Twitter based video-sharing services.
  7. The myth of the perfect parent.
  8. Flannel graph Jesus.
  9. The 7 traits of highly successful bloggers (lots of people write posts on this type of topic, but this is actually a great post).
  10. Faith bloggers to watch in 2010 according to Justin Wise.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.