Two For One

Over the past week I’ve written a couple guest posts for some ladies of the blogosphere who I am big fans of.

I don’t often get asked to write something for other people (nor do I have the time to do it very often), so it was fun to get a chance to write a couple posts on music and worship.

On Karen’s blog I wrote about Haiti and the Power of Music. Here is part of the post:

Worship leaders have a tough job. Most people are much quicker to critique before they give a word of encouragement. This Haitian woman who was singing while being rescued is one small example of the impact worship leaders are having around the world.

I lead worship usually 3 times a week. One of the hardest parts of that role is not letting the importance of the role become mundane. However, I know that even though people may not fall in love with every song we sing together, the impact of song and music directed towards God moves our hearts in much deeper ways than our initial reaction (read the rest HERE).

On Nicole’s blog I wrote about Missional Worship. Here is part of the post:


Defined as: Christian church buzz word that no one knows the meaning of.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really get the movement going on in churches to describe themselves as “missional.” I say that because it should be something every church is obviously doing. If the church is truly the body of Christ, then we are always on mission.

With that said, let’s think about how we worship as a body when we gather. We sing songs about God, we declare Him to be worthy of our worship towards Him. We sing a lot about “me” and “I” and the importance of each of us individually aligning ourselves toward God (read the rest HERE).

Both of these women have incredible ministries they are involved with in writing and speaking. After you read my posts check out some of the other posts they’ve written. They both have wonderful things to say.

I’ll close the comments on this post, so make sure to comment over on the posts on Karen’s and Nicole’s blogs. If you have a specific question or comment you only want me to see use the “Contact” page up above.