I'm Not a Role Model

I’ve been in my new role of student ministry worship director for a little over a month now. So far, I’ve been challenged a lot, mostly just in my time management. It is hard trying to balance school work, 2 part time jobs, and a marriage. On top of that starting any job takes a lot of energy and learning.

I had a realization earlier in the week: Students will soon be looking up to me as their role model. I don’t say that as an arrogant statement, it is a reality. I am on stage a lot and I am older. That is a pretty good recipe for becoming somebody that others will look up to.

Part of me hates this, part of me is a little overwhelmed by it. Why you ask?

I hate this because often it becomes about valuing me more than the God whose grace is working within me.

I’m overwhelmed by it because every role model is destined to fall short of the expectations placed on them.

I said a few weeks ago that we need new role models. Maybe instead I should have said that we need a better understanding of what role models are.

If we all pulled out the bones in our closets, it would be totally obvious that none of us is worthy of being a role model. Each of us has made or will make major mistakes in life.

Maybe it would be better that way:

Instead of looking for people to look up to, we look to the God who can save us.

Am I wrong in thinking this?