I’m slowly learning that while I may have a desire to be good at everything, it is much better to be excellent at a few things.

I get caught up in the desire to be an avid sports fan, be knowledgeable in politics, know all the latest music, be adept at video games and board games, be a theology buff, get A’s in all my classes, stay up to date on the latest smart phone, and stay in shape through running and biking…and still desire to be able to relax now and then 🙂

Many people say the biggest enemy of great is good. I often want to be good at many things and I end up never being great at anything.

The only way to be great at something is to sacrifice the thing that you could be good at.

After a lot of prayer, conversation, and thinking I’ve decided not to pursue doing the Ride:Well Tour this coming summer. In light of my new position at Sunset, I feel like I’d be failing the students and key volunteers by leaving after 6 months with them, and not just leaving…leaving completely for 2 months.

So I’m giving up riding across America in order to be great at my job instead of what I feel would just be doing my job to the potential of “good” not great.

It probably isn’t the biggest decision I’ve ever made, but I do sense it was an important lesson for me to learn.

Maybe I’ll do Ride:Well the summer of 2011…we’ll see.

What is something you’ve had to sacrifice in order to be great at something else?