Everyone has their non-negotiables when it comes to picking a church, or leaving a church. Some of you have even admitted that one of those non-negotiables is music and worship at a church.

I can’t completely deny that having some non-negotiables is a bad idea, but I have to wonder…

When did church become about us?

One of my co-workers, Travis, showed me this video a few weeks ago. It’s short, check it out (if you can’t see the video come watch here):

This video is obviously meant to be funny, but it does bring up an interesting point. In our consumer culture, church has been just one more thing we take in throughout the week. I could be wrong, but wasn’t church meant to be different? Here is a helpful list of questions to ask when looking to join a church. It begs this question:

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to joining a church or leaving a church?

If you are like me, your list is probably too long and you end up looking for another “me” church.