Changing Church Logos

Lisa Smith (known to many of you as “Stretch Mark Mama”) wrote a comment on this post from a couple weeks ago, and what she said has stuck with me since then. Here is the last part of her comment:

“Growing a church the organic, one-convert-at-a-time way is tough and requires a well thought out (prayed out) plan. It’s much easier to change a logo than it is to change a life.”

Changing lives and walking with people through their journey of life is a slow process (definitely worthwhile though). It takes a two-way relationship, an open communication, and trust. None of which are built in any short-term length of time.

I don’t have a problem with big churches (heck I work at one). They are usually big because they have been effective at reaching people where they are at. But often big churches get sucked into a numbers game of always needing to grow.

Success is then often dictated not by the impact of relationships and individual life change, but how many people are coming, whether they have been impacted or not.

What do you think about Lisa’s comment?