Attractional to Missional

I’ve been reading a book titled “Change the World” by Mike Slaughter. Like usual, rather than just writing a boring book review, I’d rather discuss one of the key points from the book.

Early in the book Mike says this:

“The church mastered slick marketing campaigns that scratched the itches of the ‘me generation.’ We built buildings that resembled the shopping malls people frequent and pioneered contemporary worship styles that rivaled the bars from everyone’s college days. The megachurch became the idolized model of success, and numbers in the pews, the measure of effectiveness.

But somehow in the cycles of programming, capital campaigns, concerts, and Bible studies we forgot an important truth: curious crowds don’t equal committed disciples.

Many of us in our well-intentioned efforts had done well in attracting crowds who were bringing Jesus into their soft-secular worldviews instead of being transformed by his. We thought it was working, yet all the while the church as a whole continued to decline at escalating rates. And many who had come into the church continued to worship at the altar of self-indulgence, materialism, and indifference to the poor and marginalized.”

Do you agree with what Mike said? Why or why not?