Singing a New Song

Part of my job as a worship leader for both youth and adults is to find new worship songs that I hope will connect with people. Some of you might be of the opinion that we only need to sing hymns. I would disagree because I believe that even the best of songs get old when done too often. And the only way to “sing a new song” (The Bible’s words, not mine) is to actually bring in a new song.

I’m not a great songwriter so I rely on those I believe God has given a gift of writing songs for the church.

I thought I’d share some of the songs we’ve been introducing to our youth and adults in some cases over the past 3 months (if you can’t see the videos below, come here to watch them):

  • We Cry Out from Kim Walker and Jesus Culture:

So now that you’ve seen and heard some of the newer songs we’ve been doing at my church, I’d love to hear some of that songs that have been connecting at your church.

Let’s hear it.