Your Pastor

One interesting aspect of today’s culture of live steaming services on the web, podcasts, blogs, and tweets is that we essentially have access to almost any pastor and any church we choose.

And our culture of the celebrity Christian pastor probably doesn’t help anything either.

Despite the negative connotations I associate with this celebrity pastors culture, I do think there is a lot of good that can come from being led by Godly men and women outside of the church we call home.

Essentially, just about any pastor could be your pastor no matter where you live.

However, there is definitely an element of church that we miss out on by only following a blog and/or podcast. I’m not advocating for you to rely solely on online methods for doing church. But I’m curious…

If you could attend and become a member of the church of any one pastor you follow through podcasts/blogs/twitter/live-streamed services, who would it be? And more importantly, why that person?