Fortuitous Bouncing

So you know how people say it rains all the time in Portland? Well, it hasn’t rained in over 3 weeks now. And in that time we’ve had about 2 cloudy days. It sure is rough living here in the summer.

I’ll be writing my philosophy of management paper tonight. Thanks for your help earlier this week.


  1. Video of John Piper sharing his most important thing young church leaders should know.
  2. 11 women writers you should be reading from Brian McLaren.
  3. Interesting post: “The Lie About Spiritual Growth.”
  4. 5 attributes of a church in decline from Tony Morgan. I wish I could say this wasn’t spot on, but I think it is.
  5. 9 things to know before you turn 30 (but really they’re just good life lessons, no matter what age you are).
  6. Have you heard about the viral Old Spice videos being filmed in Portland this week? Well read all about it right here. Quite the social media phenomenon.


Grace and Peace.