The Pain of Being a Great Pastor

Yesterday I had the chance to go to Catalyst One Day in Seattle. Catalyst is well-known for putting on great events and this was no exception.

I especially enjoyed the format of everything fitting into one day. My previous conference experiences had always been around at least two days, and anything longer than a day and a half always felt like information overload to me.

The format allows the two speakers (Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel) to focus on one topic and discuss it in depth. Usually when I blog about conferences I just include my favorite quotes but I thought I’d talk about my favorite part from each of the 4 sessions this time.

  1. Session One, Andy Stanley, Organizational Momentum: New (not old) triggers momentum in organizations. Leaders determine whether the momentum is positive or negative. I’ll keep this in my head every time someone tells me that my church just needs to bring back something else for the church to turn around.
  2. Session Two, Craig Groeschel, Mindset Changes: “God often guides with what he withholds.” & “You don’t need to always close the back door, but bless them as they go.” I’ve often thought about my church at a church in terms of how God provides in people and resources. Instead of waiting for God to provide what I think I need for success, I need to trust that God has provided exactly what I need for the present time.
  3. Session Three, Craig Groeschel, Personal Spiritual Momentum: “It’s what no one sees that leads to what everybody wants.” This session was the most hard hitting for me personally. Everyone wants a pastor on fire for God, but it is the time spent with God that allows a pastor to get there. I’ve done a very poor job of doing this myself though. Something needs to change. Sacrifices need to be made.
  4. Sessions Four, Andy Stanley, Leading Change: Leverage who you have, to reach who you don’t. I spend far too much of my time at my church keeping people happy or trying to inspire those inside the church, rather than reaching the people who haven’t even come close to my church.

Personal revelation/favorite quote:

“The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be is the pain you are unwilling to endure.”

Generally I think this pain is a sacrifice of self. As I look at my own life, I see too much of it focused on myself. And while the process of this sacrifice will be difficult and painful, I do truly know that I won’t be where God wants me until I make that change.

Yesterday was a rare chance to be blessed by two Godly and wise pastors. I am challenged and grateful for the opportunity

Anything stick out to you?