I never could have imagined I’d write 1,000 blog posts when I wrote my first post back in September of 2007. But today that milestone has been reached.

Generally I don’t like to talk about this blog while blogging. Just seems weird.

But today is different I guess.

First off, a huge thank you to you if you are reading this. This blog, while written by me, has been shaped by many of you who consistently form a small community that dives into difficult topics in genuine ways.

I think probably only my wife and my mom have read all 1,000 posts, but many of you have been loyal readers and commenters for years. Even though I write for myself to have an outlet, I’ve also been genuinely blessed by you.

So I’m curious to know…

Which post out of the 1,000 sticks out to you?

(A random note while we’re talking about this blog. I had a first yesterday at church. A man and his wife greeted me on stage at Sunset after one of our morning gatherings. Once he said he knew me from my blog and introduced himself I knew who he was, but I didn’t know he was visiting Portland all the way from Phoenix and came to my church because of my blog. He’s been a reader for quite a while and my church was first on his list to visit in Portland. It was quite a special moment for me.)

(Image: Rich Legg)