Fortuitous Bouncing

It amazes me how many people do a great job of listening without really hearing. I’m probably as guilty as anyone else.

Good thing Nebraska keeps winning, all the rest of my sports teams have fallen a part.

I’ll continue the leadership series later next week, because my next post marks a pretty special landmark for any blogger.


  1. Good info on the value of spreading your message online.
  2. Beyond poignant for where I find my church family right now. “How to Guide a Team Through Conflict” from Don Miller.
  3. Loved this talk from Craig Groeschel at Catalyst last week on generational gap tension. Absolutely spot on and it applies greatly to my church right now as well.
  4. Is your city listed as one of the most unchurched cities? Good reminder of why Portland is still a mission field.
  5. Patriotism and Idolatry.


Beautiful and sunny this weekend in Portland. Hope yours is wonderful as well.