Christmas Break

Life slows down a little bit for me these next couple weeks and after giving it some thought I’m planning on taking a break from blogging here until 2011.

Looking back over the past year of posts on this blog I’ve noticed my trend of posting quite a bit less often. Part of this has been to focus on bringing quality posts to this blog and part of it has just been life. Between my roles at my church, some work I do for The Mentoring Project, and going to school, I’m almost always working in some way close to 70 hours a week.

My entire immediate family is in town together for the first time in 2010, so I plan to spend some extra time with them over the next 2 weeks while also taking some time off work to rest.

The last 12 months the number of hits on this blog have been less than in previous years but in a weird way that has increased the amount of beneficial discussion that has gone on. Thanks to you, each reader, who helps make up this small community on the internets. A lot of bloggers desire to get more and more hits to hopefully make some $ or gain more online influence. My goals have always been somewhat different as I desire for this to be a place to share and process thoughts, while getting a chance to hear the many other perspectives out there.

I hope this can be a season of comfort and joy for you and yours. Talk to you in 2011.