The Simple Life

Maybe it is just part of the “growing up” process, but I’ve found in myself a desire to simplify life more every year. Early in our marriage, we went from two cars down to one, and I commuted to work on a bike. That was a pretty big shift for me. We also try to pack lunches and eat at home as often as possible.

Especially in the last year with us both working full-time and going to school, I made lots of little changes to simplify my life. Just one month ago I did the unthinkable for me; I canceled our cable HDtv. I never, ever thought I’d do it because I love to relax watching sports but I always knew it was a decision that needed to be made, I just wasn’t sure when.

It is quite common in today’s culture to fill what we sense as voids in our life with things. Gadgets, new clothes, new cars, new toys, often just add more complexity to our lives and ultimately pull us away from the things that matter most: “God, family, and friends.”

This video was incredibly popular 2 years ago, but it serves as a helpful reminder (watch video here RSS readers):

It is a modern phenomenon that as we “advance” more in so many ways, we become less grateful for and happy about life.

I do miss watching ESPN and having my DVR to watch Survivor in HD after a long day at work on Wednesdays, but I’ve found that instead of spending endless hours basking in the glow of my flatscreen tube I spend time reading or talking with Rose.

Maybe what we need is not the next 4G phone or 3D tv, but a more simple life that allows for time and space with the things that matter most.

I don’t know about you, but I know my life needs more space not clutter.