Fortuitous Bouncing

Tonight is Nebraska’s last game in the Big 12. Fitting that it is against Oklahoma. Not really sad to see them go to the Big 10.

(UPDATE: That was torture to watch. Only bad teams blow leads like they had…ugh)

I have a major love/hate relationship with Christmas songs. People want to hear them at church so it forces me to find full band arrangements that band members have to learn to play only once a year. Oh and people complain if we don’t play them. Love the songs, hate how much work they are to put together though.


  1. The secularization of Thanksgiving and sacralization of the military.
  2. The dangers of charismatic leaders.
  3. A good challenge from Rhett on your marriage and Facebook. “When we have little differentiation our identity is constructed out of what’s called a ‘reflected sense of self’. We need continual contact, validation, and consensus (or disagreement) from others. This leaves us unable to maintain a clear sense of who we are in shifting or uncertain circumstances. We develop a contingent identity based on a ‘self-in-relationship.’”
  4. Loved this from Scot McKnight on “commenting on blogs.”
  5. A counter-cultural quiet season of Advent. “I experience a deep division within myself during Advent. My inner world stirs with longings for deep experiences of grace, for moments of pregnant silence, for times of candlelit reflections on the fullness of deity wrapped in a child. But my outer world is harassed by the rampant activity, the hurried crowds, and the consumeristic clutter of the season.”
  6. “I’m tired of being a Christian.” Favorite post of the week.


I’ll be rooting for the Beavers today. How can you not root for the underdog?