Fortuitous Bouncing

After getting an espresso maker for Christmas I’ve bought exactly zero coffee drinks at a coffee shop since. The fact that I can make a high quality drink at home for less than a quarter highly motivates me to take 15 minutes to do it myself. Not sure why others don’t do the same.

I really hate the weather that is halfway between winter and spring. I’d rather it be cold and snowy or warmer than 60. The bad part of this is Oregon is halfway between spring and winter for almost half of the year.

Each week I put together a list of the best blog posts and news articles I’ve found over the previous 7 days. Hope you find them helpful, thought provoking, funny, informative, etc.


  1. 11 questions church leaders should be asking themselves.
  2. Good reminder from my friend Jeff that we become what we think about.
  3. Challenged by this post from Eugene on the black mother who was jailed for trying to enroll her kids in a white school district.
  4. Not long ago I wrote about the God who sees and hears us, if you have some free time listen to this message from Matt Chandler on the God who hears us (audio).
  5. Loved the helpful practicality of this post on how to obtain enough energy to sustain the pace of youth ministry for eternity.
  6. The danger of trying to create the next “radical” church ministry. “I think I would have less an issue with radical language if it were balanced with healthy conversations of what it means to be ordinary – what it means to accept the arcane and the unknown, to doubt, to enter into despair, to share ordinary life with ordinary people.”


Grace and Peace.