Fortuitous Bouncing

The Twins beat the Yankees this week! Sure it was only one game that took an incredible comeback to actually win. But, when you’re a Twins fan, you take what you get against the Yankees.

I didn’t even know a government shutdown was possible. By the people for the people right?


  1. How to pursue excellence and authenticity in a worship ministry. “As worship leaders, we have a lot to do. We need to prepare the band, worship God, engage the congregation, sing on key, play the right chords, stand up straight, sing the right words, brush our teeth, etc. An authentic worship leader does those things but also displays who they are – a worshiper of God.”
  2. This post will get your wheels turning. I think Tony has a great perspective on how churches should view and honor pastors.
  3. Bruce Reyes-Chow says, “Your Easter worship service should be nothing special.”
  4. Kyle sees 2 main problems facing 20-somethings today.


Enjoy your weekend.