How to Make Studying Enjoyable

Being a fairly musical person, I prefer to study with music playing. I hate studying at coffee shops. I tried it in college, I’d usually end up people watching or spacing out because of all the random noise and talking being too distracting. If I listen to just any random type of music I’ll end up doing the same thing while I study.

When I study there is a distinct line between music that helps me study better and music that distracts me. Most often I need music without any singing, all instrumental.

Generally speaking, most people who read blogs probably spend a fair amount of time writing and reading. So I thought I’d share some of my music favorites while I read or write (links lead to some of my favorite songs from each artist).

  • Explosions in the Sky– they’re the music behind my favorite show Friday Night Lights. Love the ballad-feel and big sound they bring to a lot of their songs. They’re one of the few instrumental bands who can sell out shows across the country.
  • Sigur Ros/Jonsi– yes I know there are lyrics, but I can’t understand a word so it doesn’t distract me. If you aren’t listening to them (him), you’re missing out.
  • Chopin– inspired by Lundy of season 2 on Dexter, this is a new favorite. Yep, I just listed some classical music here. Studies say it makes you smarter right?
  • Miles Davis– specifically the song “So What?” but really most of his music (especially the chill stuff) has a great laid back groove. One of the greatest musicians of all-time, I try to channel some of his brilliance while I study.
  • The Album Leaf– one man band who plays multiple instruments during the recording process. More synth/guitar driven sound than the other music listed makes a bit more chill to listen to.
  • If I do want to listen to some music with lyrics I keep it within the Bon Iver, Joshua Radin, Ray LaMontagne genre.

What helps make your times of study more enjoyable?