The Three

1. Anne Jackson recently had a post from her blog republished for Relevant Magazine. She’s been through a lot over the past year having recently gotten divorced and it’s probably why I appreciate her post on how to help people going through a divorce. While I wouldn’t know if her advice is helpful, having never been divorced, I think what she has to say about being helpful to people going through immense pain is spot on.

“Be there for your friends. Grieve with them. Celebrate with them. Give them meals and hugs and hold them tightly. Don’t worry about having nothing to say. Pursue them. Pray for them. Love them. Constantly let them know you have their back.”

2. I do believe Adam McHugh to be one of the most underrated author/writers in Christianity today. His blog has a smaller following than most authors and his first book is one of the best to come out in recent years. The Leadership Journal ran an excerpt from his book Introverts in the Church earlier this week. If you haven’t read the book, you have to read the excerpt and then go buy the book. 🙂

“Introverts can become so absorbed in our internal worlds that we miss the needs of others around us. Our scheduling and emotional boundaries must not preempt the divine interjections that shape so much of our identity and our work. We must remember that the events that form the foundation of our calling—the incarnation of the Son of God and his resurrection from the dead—were cosmic interruptions in a world that had grown callous to God’s love.”

3. Brett McCracken is another one of my favorite writers and yesterday he posted about the upcoming political race for President and the role the media plays in our perception of candidates. The danger in politics is to put ourselves in an echo chamber where everyone agrees with and says the exact same things we do. So while the media can make it more difficult for us to embrace a candidate, I think we need a wider range of media so that we don’t get lost in our own world of opinions.

“For any given candidate, about every perspective known to man will be broadcast, tweeted about and linked to by someone in our social network. How can we help but not become hopelessly confused, cynical, and unenthusiastic about all of our options, when each of them has a million vocal enemies crowding our thoughts with perspectives of every sort on a daily basis?”

Your thoughts?

Have a good weekend.