What I’ve Been Working On

I’ve mentioned here several times the lack of time for writing available in my schedule since becoming a dad. Following writing a book and then becoming a dad, it’s been a constant battle of trying to find time and space to write, while also having a great reason not to.

I had a great conversation with David about this. We explored what it looks like to do something meaningful via the written word for someone who wants to write but isn’t getting paid for it now. I love writing for all of you, but it doesn’t pay any bills.

Following that conversation I started putting in all my free time toward two separate articles, each around 750 words. To me, 750 words is nothing. I could pump that out in about 25 minutes if needed. But this time I spent several months on something seemingly short and insignificant.

With the help of a friend to edit and bounce ideas off (thanks Ross), it all came together quite nicely. Both of the articles are what I believe to be some of the best I’ve written.

ARTICLE #1 (read it here)

This started with the random thought, “Jesus performed many miracles, only to follow them up by telling the healed to not tell anyone who did it. But I’m spending so much of my energy just trying to get noticed.”

This ended up getting shared online to various networks more than anything I’ve ever written. I’m proud of it, mostly because I know it was a team effort, and it took a long time to come together.

ARTICLE #2 (read it here)

As a pastor I think about the local church and the church universal A LOT. And as a millennial I hear about how my generation is leaving church in unprecedented numbers a lot as well. In fact I’m sick of hearing about it.

Typically when someone tells me the latest report on my generation and church, they follow it up by asking me, “what do we need to change to reach Millennials?” The question frustrates me to no end, because catering to generations isn’t what the church is about. Or should be about.

Here’s my short answer: show you care without changing who you are.

The longer answer is something I try to bring out in the article.


December may be a bit quieter around here than usual. It’s my busiest month of the year, and to be honest, I’m a little worn out from all the chaos from posts in previous weeks.

Hope you enjoy the articles.