Called Out Episode 011: Justin Zoradi

called out justin zoradi

I firmly believe that even the most selfish person has a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of people around them. But most of us feel overwhelmed by that thought, incapable of knowing what tangible thing we could do to show love and care to people and communities. In the place of this we end up watching other people’s lives on social media, further burrowing ourselves in a mound of shame wondering why that isn’t us.

Today I restart my podcast after a few months off to talk with Justin Zoradi. He and I have been connected to each other for over a decade by working together at The Mentoring Project. I have an immense amount of respect for Justin as someone who has leveraged his life to impact thousands of others. I believe you can have that kind of impact on others too, and Justin has some helpful thoughts on not only what allowed him to step into that kind of life, but how you can too.

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Here are a few links mentioned in the episode:

—Justin Zoradi founded These Numbers Have Faces. Check out their great work!

—Justin’s recently released book Made For These Times.

—Connect with Justin on his website, on Twitter, and Instagram.

—If you made it to the end of the episode you heard a track from the upcoming album by New Harvest Worship, the worship team I help lead at my local church in Salem, Oregon. If you’re near Salem come out to our album release party and worship night this Sunday evening. More details here.

Lastly, I’ll be releasing new podcast episodes each of the following 5 weeks. Can’t wait to share these with you!