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Category: change

Fast Food Faith

Last week I drove by a McDonald’s at 5:30pm only to find a drive thru line over 10 cars deep, wrapping all the way around the restaurant into the surrounding parking lot. I said to the people in the car with me, “People still eat at McDonald’s?!?” Ignorance is bliss I guess. I certainly don’t eat […]

Category: change

The 2 Ways to Produce Change in Others

As a pastor I do a lot of studying on communication, and how to be most effective with the Sunday morning sermon during our weekly worship gatherings. Thousands of books have been written on how to form a sermon, how to deliver a sermon, how to produce change in others, etc. Clearly the role of […]

Category: change

When God Screams Through the Dull Roar of Life

I prefer for life to run it’s course at a fever pitch pace, mixed in with rest and relaxation. And I’m slowly realizing my wishes won’t always come true. My life is currently run at the pace of a dull roar, like the unending sound of crashing ocean waves. Not quite crazy enough to break […]

Category: change

Foundation #OneWord365

As a year ends and a new one begins, I enjoy anticipating what will summarize the coming 365 days. As Rose and I approached 2012, I told her my one word was change. I didn’t tell anyone but Rose because when you say the summary of a year will be change people ask questions, and […]

Category: change

God Saves Us to Change Us

Shows such as The Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, and even talk shows like Dr. Phil are all successful for one reason: We love to watch personal transformation take place. The shows are so intoxicating some people become motivated to go do something. But there’s one giant problem to this. We love to […]

Category: change

5 Reasons to Stay

Several months ago I wrote a post titled “Knowing When to Walk Away” where I outlined that change is inevitable in our lives, but few of us seem to know when God might be leading us to something new. I received several negative reactions from people who felt I advocated for leaving when times get […]

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