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Category: death

When God Screams Through the Dull Roar of Life

I prefer for life to run it’s course at a fever pitch pace, mixed in with rest and relaxation. And I’m slowly realizing my wishes won’t always come true. My life is currently run at the pace of a dull roar, like the unending sound of crashing ocean waves. Not quite crazy enough to break […]

Category: death

4 Restraints Holding You Back From Inner Transformation

As I approached a busy season in life a wise man told me that I needed to cultivate the kind of soil God could use to work on my soul. It was his opinion that strong external living only comes from a place of internal fortitude and cultivation. Over the past few years I’ve been […]

Category: death

The End of “RIP”

I see it all over Facebook and Twitter each time someone famous dies. In recent weeks two well-known Christian authors passed away (Brennan Manning and Dallas Willard) and I saw countless comments using the phrase. I hear it after someone at church passes. I heard it many, many times after my grandpa passed away: “May […]

Category: death

Death as a Communal Event

The past few weeks my life has brushed up against life and death in its most acute form. Today I want to share some thoughts that have motivated me to continue pursuing people despite the internal grief I have over losses in and around my family. Death is often ignored in our culture, even among […]

Category: death

What’s in a Name? Introducing My New Son

Last Monday night, February 25th, at 9:33pm my life changed in the most dramatic way. Rose gave birth to our son who we named Judah Parker Braun. For most of Rose’s pregnancy I didn’t care about choosing a name for our son. Does a name really have value? I don’t think much of my own […]

Category: death

The Fragility of Life

The past few weeks have been filled with little bits of anxiousness as we await the arrival of our first-born son. He could come at any moment. Our hospital bags are packed. His room is completely filled with everything a newborn could ever need or want. It’s all just a waiting game now. At the […]

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