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Category: friendship

Understanding Over Argument (Or That Time I Spent a Week with Friends in San Diego)

Last week I spent 3 days with guys I’ve known for the bulk of the past decade. We met via blogs and then Twitter, and have been consistently involved in each others lives since. These are guys I considered part of my core group of friends. Keep in mind, I’d never spent a single moment with […]

Category: friendship

Too Busy Pointing Fingers

In recent months I’ve found my online status updates slowing to a crawl. I don’t have the energy for it. I use Twitter less (and I love Twitter), I use Facebook less (and still hate it), and I definitely write for this blog less often (I shared about that here). When I first started this […]

Category: friendship

Disciple is a Verb? 3 Insights for Clueless Folks Like Me

Today’s post from Kari Patterson is part of the blog series Discipleship: Re-Imagining Our Calling From Christ. To receive future posts from the series in your inbox head HERE. Engage with the writers and community of readers using the hashtag #DiscipleshipBlog. — I was 18 when I first heard “disciple” used as a verb.  It baffled me at first, but I […]

Category: friendship

Who You Run With Changes Who You Become

In 1964 a group motivated by the civil rights movement formed and called themselves the Mississippi Summer Project, or what became known as Freedom Summer. After a large push in the previous summer to get out the black vote, a small group organized around the idea of registering new black voters in the state of […]

Category: friendship

Don’t Pass the Blame

I saw this video earlier this week after it was posted on The Resurgence blog. They have a great blog with a lot of good material, it’s one of the few blogs that I subscribe to. I think the video posted is clever enough that most Christians will agree with it and even pass it […]

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