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Category: holiness

Transformed Not Performed

One of the over-arching themes in my book Why Holiness Matters is the idea that holiness is not something we attain, it is a gift imparted to us through the work of Christ. In the book I described holiness as the outward reality of an inward affection. Meaning holiness isn’t first new behaviors, it’s a transformed heart. […]

Category: holiness

God the House Builder

For six months I watched a plot of land in my neighborhood being prepared for the building of a house. All of the trees were cut down and then the ground was leveled so the concrete could be poured for the foundation to be set in place. Next, the concrete was poured—but nothing more. Until […]

Category: holiness

A Conversation About Holiness

Last week Christianity Today ran an article I wrote reviewing Kevin DeYoung’s book titled The Hole in Our Holiness. Kevin wrote a solid book that I would gladly recommend to others. In fact, both he and I come at the subject from a similar perspective: we have lost our desire to seek after holiness. In […]

Category: holiness

What We’ve Lost Does Not Outweigh What We Can Gain

Several years ago I caught myself in this slow fade where I was exclusively focused on my own pursuit of selfish gain. I worked 65 hours a week seeking after what my boss called “the lifestyle.” At the end of the day what was supposed to keep me motivated was advancing toward this lifestyle. What […]

Category: holiness

Announcement: My 2012 Book Tour

The number one question I’ve been asked over the past two weeks is, “Are you going to do a book tour?” The short answer is no. The long answer is that very few authors go on actual traveling book tours now. It’s cost prohibitive, and the power of the internet makes them somewhat unnecessary. Included […]

Category: holiness

3 Keys to Leading Millennials Toward Holy Living

Over the past year I’ve done something incredibly stupid. I’ve written a book for a generation that doesn’t care about the subject matter. Countless times older generation Christians and pastors have shared their concern with me over my generation’s (Millennials) lack of concern about holy living. And in large part, they are right. Holiness, as […]

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