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Category: holiness

What’s Holiness? (Excerpt from Why Holiness Matters)

My book releases this Wednesday so I thought I’d pass along an excerpt from it. If you’re in Portland, come out to my book release party this Wednesday night (info here). I’ll be announcing a special offer for purchasing the book on Wednesday as well, so if you’re on the fence about spending the money, […]

Category: holiness

Why Your Church Helps Your Holiness

From Tyler: Today’s post is from pastor and author Daniel Darling. Having written a book on holiness myself I spent a lot of time processing through the role church can play in our development as followers of Jesus. I think Daniel lends a much needed perspective in this post and I’m glad to share it […]

Category: holiness

God Saves Us to Change Us

Shows such as The Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, and even talk shows like Dr. Phil are all successful for one reason: We love to watch personal transformation take place. The shows are so intoxicating some people become motivated to go do something. But there’s one giant problem to this. We love to […]

Category: holiness

The Three

1. One of the themes I worked on for the first few chapters in the book was how valuing authenticity and brokenness in the church leads toward a comfort with sin. It’s difficult for people (at least it was for me) to understand what I have to be broken about if I don’t have a […]

Category: holiness

Help Me Choose My Book’s Cover

For those of you in the dark here, yes I am writing a book. I finish up the manuscript writing process in the next few weeks. One the things the team at Moody and I have been working on lately is the book cover. I have my opinions, but mine aren’t always best so I […]

Category: holiness

The Best Books on Holiness

Being that I’ve written a book on holiness I figured it would be important to read what others who have gone before me have had to say on the subject. While my end goal for someone reading my book might be different than these other writers, it was extremely helpful for me to engage with […]

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