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Category: patience

The Unlived Life

In episode 5 during the 3rd season of the Netflix series The Crown, Queen Elizabeth II (marvelously played by Olivia Colman) spends a month traveling to different parts of the world studying best practices for raising horses for racing. Toward the end of her trip she shares with her friend Henry Herbert that the trip was one […]

Category: patience

Fast Food Faith

Last week I drove by a McDonald’s at 5:30pm only to find a drive thru line over 10 cars deep, wrapping all the way around the restaurant into the surrounding parking lot. I said to the people in the car with me, “People still eat at McDonald’s?!?” Ignorance is bliss I guess. I certainly don’t eat […]

Category: patience

Take In the Long View

Today’s post is a continuation from earlier this week Throughout the book of Genesis God makes his covenantal relationship known to several men. He has plans to bless and prosper the families of Abraham, and his son Isaac, and then Isaac’s son, Jacob. God doesn’t bring out this plan due to their immense godliness, instead […]

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