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Category: prayer

Your Prayers Never Die

I recently heard a pastor share about how he believed some of the things coming together in his life were based on the prayers of his father, now passed. His father had prayed for some specific things, but for the most part, they remained unanswered within his lifetime. But now the son, well into his […]

Category: prayer

My One Word For 2014

Last year at this time I wrote out a whole post explaining why foundation would be my one word area of focus for 2013. I was anticipating becoming a dad, and becoming further entrenched into my pastoral ministry vocation, so focusing on a foundation that could be built upon in the coming years seemed wise. […]

Category: prayer

The Most Important Thing

As I was writing my first book, working full-time, attending seminary part-time, and trying to have a pulse as a husband I did something that makes little sense: I added something else into my daily schedule. I know what you’re thinking already, and no, it doesn’t make sense. In fact the first thing I did […]

Category: prayer

Praying For You

Over the past 5 months I’ve done a lot of praying for myself. Each day when I pray I try to include a good amount of time focused on other people/situations/relationships. A lot of my prayers have instead been something like, “God I’ve been staring at this screen for two hours and I have absolutely […]

Category: prayer

Experiencing God

I’ve been in several conversations lately talking about whether or not we can truly “experience” God through worship or teaching or community. It’s quite common (I know I’ve done this plenty of times), when praying for an upcoming church gathering, to pray with hope that the people who come will be able to experience God. […]

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