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Category: truth

Spirit and Truth

From Tyler: Today’s post is from Cara Strickland, who I’ve gotten to know over the past few months. If you’re interesting in writing a guest post, there’s more information here.  — “But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the […]

Category: truth

Why Lance Armstrong Confessing is a Good Thing

The great thing about this picture is how well it illustrates Oprah becoming a cultural pope who allows for confession and forgiveness of news worthy downfalls. Tonight Lance Armstrong will announce to the world that he did in fact take performance enhancing drugs during his incredible run of 7 consecutive victories in the Tour de […]

Category: truth

You Can Change

My internal bias often has me assuming other people always stay the same, while I have the unique ability to change quickly. Somewhere in the middle is probably the truth. With that said, I find it quite amazing how little change so many people experience within their lives. So many people want to accomplish so […]

Category: truth

Being Moved By Art

I said in my Blue Like Jazz (the movie) review that I dissect art with the “all truth is God’s truth” mentality. I believe the true difference between good art and bad art is whether it draws us closer to something beyond us or not. For me, this something beyond is God. The best art […]

Category: truth

Blue Like Jazz (The Movie) Review

As the film started the biggest question I had was how one of my favorite books, written by one of my favorite authors, a book filled with individual vignettes and essays, could be turned into a movie with a beginning, middle, and end. Beyond that I also wondered how a film that raised its money […]

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