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Category: worship

Bring Back the Worship Wars

Someone asked me recently what the current discussions were surrounding the “worship wars.” I told him that I honestly thought, despite there being pockets where this war was ongoing, the war (especially in the western US) is over. For those of you in the dark on this, the worship wars are essentially church disagreements over […]

Category: worship

The Three

This weekend I’m out in the land of no cell phone coverage for our annual middle school winter camp. The youth worship team and I will be leading worship for 5 different sessions over 3 days and also trying to keep up with the kids who have far too much energy for their own good. […]

Category: worship

The Hour Before

The post is a part of a larger series of posts all focused on the topic of the hour before church begins for a worship leader (check out some of the other posts too, there’s lots of good ones). Each post takes a different look and perspective into what goes on for them the hour […]

Category: worship

Anyone Can Make Fun of the Worship Leader

For some reason, worship leaders have a bit of a bad reputation. Whether it be in classes, on blogs, or just in conversations, I hear all the time about how most worship leaders just try to look cool without really knowing anything about leading a corporate gathering of worship. The rock genre of most worship […]

Category: worship

Churches Who Sing Well

I recently listened to a talk Keith Getty gave a few months back in Chicago. Keith is a well-known songwriter of contemporary hymns and a worship leader. He said a lot of things worth checking out if you listen to the whole talk (link to his talk on corporate worship leading) but one part specifically […]

Category: worship

On Liturgy

One of shifts in the local church during the modern/mega church movement was a move away from the use of liturgy in weekly worship gatherings. I grew up in this movement and honestly didn’t even know what liturgy was until I was in college. Liturgy was deemed to be more of an “insider” type of […]

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