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Category: worship

My Worship Leader Toolbox

I get asked about once a week from someone what resources I use as a worship leader to find songs, schedule the band, find liturgical readings, and everything else that goes with leading worship week in and week out throughout the year. So I thought I’d throw together a list of resources. Some I use […]

Category: worship

3 Things I Wish a Worship Leader Would Have Taught Me Long Ago

A while back I had coffee with a younger (think 20 years old) worship leader that I know through family. He was looking for a little help and direction as he leads students usually once a week. As I spent some time thinking through what to share, I thought of things I wish an older […]

Category: worship

Full-Time Worship Leader

A few weeks ago I led the morning worship gatherings at Sunset and shared some of what I’ll say in this post. Over the summer I had the stark realization that I had become a full-time worship leader and a part-time follower of Christ. I lead worship a lot. Most weeks I am on stage […]

Category: worship

The New Arrangement of a Hymn

Being that I play guitar, I’ve never been a big fan of hymns. About 95% of them are impossible to play on guitar because there are too many chord changes. However, I am a big fan of re-arranged hymns. In fact, when done right I believe it is a powerful way to bring the ancient […]

Category: worship

Song Retirement

After church yesterday Jay and I had a quick conversation about a song we’ve done a lot of at Sunset over the past 3 years. The response from the congregation yesterday felt less than was usual in the past, and the overall feel of the song over the past few times we had sung it […]

Category: worship

Hymns Aren't Just a Thing of the Past

Many people are of the opinion that churches should only sing the “hymns of the faith” (whatever that means). 3 funny (or odd) things about that: Most hymns aren’t really “hymns.” Hymns in a musical sense have no chorus, but a lot of “hymns” do. The Bible speaks about singing a new song, and I […]

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