Passion: God of this City

God of this CityThe newest Passion cd has been out for 2 weeks. It includes all the usual suspects: Tomlin, Redman, Charlie Hall, Kristian Stanfill, Steve Fee, and David Crowder. Not all those names ring bells for some of you but they’ve all been on Passion albums before.

For me, this cd was a bit of a disappointment. 8 of the 14 songs have already been released on albums by the respective song writers above. That is my lone complaint. I can’t remember a Passion album having this many songs as previously released. With iTunes giving the ability to just purchase songs I only purchased ones that I hadn’t heard before. So instead of being excited about a whole cd, I’m left to only be excited about a few.

With that said, I think all the songs they choose to put on the album that had already been released are money, they are awesome. So at least they put together a great cd for the people who haven’t heard some of those songs (they’re all still relatively new).

I’m wondering… which of the songs you are going to try to do as congregational worship?

My favorite on the whole cd: “Walk the World” by Charlie Hall