Extreme Grace

A Christian buzz word I’ve heard a lot of is “extreme grace.” Yeah ok, it is 2 words. I know that. But the phrase is used all the time.

Whenever someone who was in jail, is a prostitute, or was addicted to drugs, accepts Jesus, people call this extreme grace. Whenever a 12 year old, a virgin, or an abstainer accepts Jesus, we call this grace. Let me be forthright with my opinion on this; the phrase “extreme grace” is derogatory. It really is. It means that those who received “extreme grace” needed more forgiveness than the others who simply received grace.

I do not deny that I worship a God of grace, but he provides the same amount of grace to the 12 year old as the prostitute. We are all in need of the same amount of grace. Grace is a miracle no matter who receives it, and it just saddens me that we cheapen God’s ability to provide grace to those who we would say barely deserve it. We say “our God is so loving he would even provide grace to that person.” I think we should be saying that our God is so loving that he provides a way to grace for everyone.

Thank you Jesus that your sacrifice covers a multitude of sins as much as it covers one sin. You have blessed us all with grace that we only need accept to receive.