A Life Turned Around

As I posted about last week, I hung out with Arnie for an afternoon. Arnie isn’t totally sure that he believes in Jesus. He said his heart wants to, but his head still has questions. Questions that no person can just give answers to, he told me.

The world likes Arnie because he is a “success story.” He was a meth addict and seller, who was homeless and jobless. Now he has lives in an apartment, doesn’t use or sell drugs, and rides his bike 20 miles (each way) to get to church.

I like Arnie because he is honest. I like Arnie because the small blessing of being in a video shown at church was the “highlight of his life”. His exact words to me after the services last Sunday. Arnie put things in perspective for me.

This video is Arnie’s story. It was shown on Sunday at Sunset (video embedded rss readers).

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/1108397]

What stands out to you?

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