Willow Creek Arts Conference

I found late on Tuesday night that I am able to go to the Willow Creek Arts Conference. I’ll be flying standby with Jay thanks to a wonderful donation by Aaron Soule. It is only because of that gift that we are able to go. Jay and I will be meeting up with another co-worker of mine, Janet. Not only did I find out Tuesday, but the thing starts next Wednesday and I leave in the early morning on Tuesday. Spontaneous and my traveling, are synonymous lately.

Growing up in Minnesota I never went farther east than an hour into Wisconsin, and this trip to Chicago will be the farthest east I’ve ever been other than a short trip to Orlando 5 years ago. It will also be the first time I’ve gone to a conference since middle school.

I’m super pumped to have this opportunity. I have so so so much to learn and I think this will be a great environment to learn in. I can hardly believe how far God has taken this little life of mine. Seriously…I was a janitor not even 4 months ago. Say what you will about Willow Creek or any of the speakers, I get the chance to be around and learn from some of the best leaders in the world for 3 days. Here are a couple things I’m looking forward to:

  • Robbie Seay– I remember seeing him in Salem, Oregon about 3 years ago. I love his unique voice and I love the sound he and his band have.
  • Brian McLaren– I know I’ve ripped on him on this blog, but I’ve also said he is a brilliant man. I’m interested to hear his thoughts and to see if he crosses the line for me.
  • Tim Stevens– He is leading a breakout session based on his new book which talks about how to use pop culture within church.
  • Francis Chan– Fresh off his trip to Africa with Passion, I know he’ll have great things to say to end the conference.
  • Chicago- I hate the White Sox, not a Bulls fan, and I hate the Bears even more. But, Chicago is one of the sweetest cities in the US and I’ve never been there.

If you are going, leave a comment and let’s find a way to connect there. I plan on posting while I’m there several times and hopefully I’ll even have some videos of me meeting “famous” people. Be sure to check back here next week as often as you can to stay up with the updates.

Do you think I’ll be the youngest person there?