Lunch Time

Almost every morning I go downstairs and get email/read blogs/read the Bible. After that I decide it is time to get ready for the day of work. At about that same time I ask my lovely wife if she is able to make me a lunch for the day.

Basically everyday I not only get a lunch, but I get an amazing lunch hand made by my wife. It is truly incredible. She makes great sandwiches and wraps, makes sure to include something healthy (apples or carrots) and then includes something tasty that I’ll like (cookies, chips, granola bar). I am pretty spoiled, I’ll admit that. I know it’s something pretty small, but it means so much to me that she is willing to make my lunch everyday. It’s the little things that count, like the best birthday cookie delivery, that make life sweeter and relationships stronger.

What is something little that your significant other does that means the world to you?

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