Inauguration Thoughts

For some reason I decided to go on a Twitter binge this morning during the Inauguration (you can follow me on Twitter HERE). Kind of surreal to realize you are watching history live. What a day, what a moment.

obama oath inauguration

Here are my thoughts on the morning:

  • Biggest decision this morning is what channel to watch. Who has the best coverage and the best HD? Either NBC or CNN I think.
  • Here’s a fun game: can you guess how many pairs of long-underwear are on stage and in the Mall?
  • That is why Rick Warren was asked to pray. He brought it.
  • A moment that will live in history. If only they could get the oath right.
  • A sight to see.
  • Well what is new…another incredible speech by now President Obama.
  • Someone please tell Roland Martin (CNN analyst) his hat looks ridiculous.

What did you think?