This past week Ted Haggard made his public comeback after over 2 years of relative silence. I watched him on Oprah (I know, I know…believe me, I never watch Oprah and won’t start) and on Larry King Live.

When I first heard about the HBO documentary about the past few years of his life and about all his tv appearances this week I wasn’t thrilled to say the least. In fact, I’m fairly sure what went through my head was outright judgmental. I thought things like “2 years isn’t long enough” or “why is he letting this story of sin make him money?” All those kinds of thoughts. None of them were fair or kind toward him or his family, and none of them were justified. I don’t know him, I don’t know his family, and because of that there is no reason for me to hold any sort of ill-will towards him.


In all actuality I have no idea if he made any money on the documentary or television appearances. And I actually hope he did because for over 2 years he was forced to make a living for his family doing jobs he had no experience of doing.

Some thoughts on what he had to say on Oprah and Larry King:

  • I think the way New Life (his former church) has handled this is admirable.
  • I commend Ted for saying he needs at least another year before he begins any kind of public speaking ministry.
  • Oprah looked so stupid telling Ted’s wife Gayle that she was wrong in her opinions. Oprah if you don’t want her opinion don’t ask her questions.
  • I totally agree with Ted that sexuality can be messy. Labels and categories often do not apply.
  • I think Ted’s story will be an important one for evangelicals to learn from in how to deal with people who struggle with homosexual feelings and thoughts.
  • I have zero opinion as to whether Ted should be a pastor again. I’ll leave those judgments to those who are closer to his life.

Any thoughts to add?