My Weekend

Well I’m at Wildhorse Canyon in Eastern Oregon. It is a very rugged and dry area in the high desert of central Oregon, and it is so beautiful in its own way.

The view

wildhorse canyon

The camp (the spot with green grass)


Much of the year Wildhorse is a YoungLife camp, but they also host other camps during the off-season. It is out in the middle of no where. I figure anything is a 40 minute drive from the nearest town named “Antelope” is officially in the sticks. No cell service for sure.

I’m here for my church’s men’s retreat. And I’ll be playing guitar and singing with the band throughout the weekend for all the sessions.

I’ve been excited about going for a while. I haven’t been to Wildhorse since my junior year of high school.

Another reason I’m excited is that Don Miller is the speaker (Don’s blog and Twitter). Don is speaking on his upcoming book on the importance of narrative and story in our lives and in our relationship with Christ.

Don lives in the Portland area and is one of my favorite authors.

Should be a weekend for the books.

Does your weekend beat that?