Dear Person Who Leaves Church Early

Dear Person Who Leaves Church Early,

We had a baby dedication and baptism in church yesterday and I saw you walk out. I saw all 20 of you walk out (give or take). My first thought was something that shouldn’t be repeated. Suffice it to say that I was frustrated and I sinned.

You see, I spend a good portion of my week trying to prepare for Sunday morning: that you might have a genuine experience with God, and that you might be engaged with Christ in a special way.

The bigger problem is that yesterday wasn’t the only time it has happened. You leave early for baby dedications, announcements at the end, after you’ve taken Communion, or even when we end our time together with more than one song.

It would be one thing if you sat right next to an exit door. But instead you distract everyone around you by making them get out of your way so you can leave. Or even worse, you leave through an outside door so lots of light shines into the dark room. Do you need everyone to know you didn’t like what we were doing that morning?

I really hope church is more than just the pastor keeping your attention for long enough.

Everytime I find myself getting frustrated as you walk out the door early, I also realize I should offer you grace.

Maybe you planned on leaving early because you had to?//Maybe you had to leave early but still wanted to stay for as long as you could?//Maybe I’m just a jerk who should mind his own business…I don’t know.

It just seems disrespectful to ditch out early, don’t you think?