Just One Thing

I’ve noticed something about myself and blogging in general: I tend and it tends to be critical.

Seminary often provides perspective for me. Sitting in seminary classes on Friday, we talked a lot about how Christ died for the church and how the church is the bride of Christ. Yet almost everyone I know remains critical of the church. In my heart I said to myself, “something is wrong here Tyler.”

In reality, I understand the criticism of the church and I’ve jumped on that bandwagon, probably too much.

However, I’d like to do something that I hope will be both edifying and possibly even exhorting for some (like me).

It might be hard to do for you, but I’d love to you to share ONE thing that you see the local church doing well (I mean this as the general feel you get about the local church, not just your church and churches in your city).

Go for it.