A Challenge to Worship Leaders

How many times have you heard ‘worship is not just singing’?

If you are anything like me, you have heard that phrase a lot. And it is absolutely spot on. Singing is merely an expression of the worship we desire to give God.

Yet I think the American church is communicating a very different message. Go to most any church on a Sunday morning and I think you would get the sense that worship is singing. Maybe that is harsh but I don’t think it is far off.

I was thinking about the “Sunday Rundown” posts I often write after a Sunday morning of leading worship. The one thing you will always find on there is a list of songs. And on the morning I lead worship my main job is leading the congregation in songs. Even the title of ‘worship leader’ communicates something when the primary role is leading the church in music/singing.

I will say this…music is a universal language and singing is definitely an appropriate and Biblical way to respond to God. But it is not the only way we can worship God as individuals or even as a corporate body.

So my challenge to worship leaders: working with a more holistic approach to what worship is within the context of the weekend church gathering.

We should be very afraid and careful of what our time of worship truly communicates, because right now I think we’re communicating that worship is the emotional experience of singing to music.

Your thoughts are appreciated here.

(Part of Sunday Setlists)