Fortuitous Bouncing

Sorry I’m about 12 hours late from the normal time I post this. Just haven’t had time with our big moving day coming early today.

Speaking of moving, we had a lot of people come out to help us move. We got everything moved out of our old place and into our new place within 2 hours. I was impressed. We’re very blessed to have so many great friends who were willing to sacrifice some time and energy for us today.

I’d appreciate your prayers for our old lease. It ends in January and we’re still in the process of finding someone to take it over but have been unable to find anyone so far.


  1. A little out of the ordinary for my links (but come on I bought the phone and dig it)….my favorite review of the Droid, though too negative, from a normal phone user.
  2. Loved this video’s take on what Web 2.0 means for us today.
  3. Insightful post from Rhett Smith on providing understanding for parents as they interact with their kids and technology.
  4. Kem Meyer shared an interesting video on the revolution of socialnomics.
  5. C. Wess Daniels has some wonderful thoughts on limiting access to the pictures we share of our kids.


Grace and peace.