Fortuitous Bouncing

A little bit of news about this blog. It is going to be down starting late Sunday/early Monday until probably Wednesday. Lots of changes will be taking place during that time. If all goes to plan there will be a whole new look to this blog. Nothing should change with your RSS feeds, so look for a post on Wednesday.

Rose and I are extremely grateful for all the gracious feedback we received from my post on Thursday. We received a lot of Facebook messages, phone calls, blog comments, and emails. Thank you friends.


  1. 10 suggestions for blogging pastors.
  2. A plea to quit worshiping the worshipers.
  3. God is suffering with those who are suffering (as opposed to what Mr. Robertson would say).
  4. My social media friend Aaron Ivey was on CNN earlier this week to talk about Haiti, orphans, and adoption (he has children that were adopted and are in the process of adoption from Haiti).
  5. The Gospel for Portland.
  6. Don Miller’s response to Pat Robertson’s comments about Haiti earlier this week.


Grace and peace.