Be A Blessing

We all waste a lot of time.

That was the thought I had last night.

It is sad how much time I waste and we waste.

We spend so much of our free time watching American Idol, 24, House, Survivor, March Madness, NFL Football, The Amazing Race…and the list goes on.

Spend any time on Twitter during prime time it will become quite obvious that people spend their nights only watching tv.

And the reality is I’m as bad as the rest of you. I enjoy relaxing and I enjoy relaxing in front of the tv. My job takes up all of my relational energy, and the television allows me to catch up.

But the reality also is, television is mostly a waste of time.

So last night instead of sitting in front of the tv watching the health care debate, the Blazer game, The Amazing Race, and March Madness (ok, I did watch March Madness, I couldn’t resist), Rose and I went to spend time with some old friends from college, and then we spent time just talking with one another.

But the best part of the night was writing a card to some friends of ours who have been struggling through life lately. They needed to know we cared more than we needed to waste away our free time. It was a quick, stark realization that most of my free time is wasted away in order to blessing myself.

So I challenge you…

Be a blessing to someone else with your free time instead of only blessing yourself.