The Next Thing

A new opportunity has recently come my way. As most of you know, last summer I did an unpaid internship with The Mentoring Project. I focused most of my time around event planning and social media.

As of a little over a week ago, I will be helping coordinate The Mentoring Project’s social media presence. Rather than focusing on blogging like I did this past summer, most of my time will be focused on Twitter and Facebook.

I have 2 main reasons why I’m excited about being involved again:

  1. I don’t think social media is just a fad, I do believe true community can take place through social media when done correctly. I’d love for TMP to cultivate a community around the subjects of mentoring and fatherlessness.
  2. TMP is about to begin their national program through churches all over the country, so now more than ever their message needs to be going beyond just Portland and the fans of Don Miller.

If you haven’t done so yet, go follow them on Twitter and their Facebook page.